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You may be wondering who we are…here is a little about us.

The Founder of L6S Business Consulting Inc, Kevin MacDonald CMA, worked in the corporate world undertaking various Senior roles in different organizations and in different industries. A number of times, Kevin would hire consultants and coaches to work on different projects. Consistently, the consultants and coaches underdelivered and did not provide the results that were expected and promised. Kevin felt that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and decision-makers deserve to receive the level of service that the big companies are able to afford. Small business deserves to be treated right.  


L6S Business Consulting Ltd finds real solutions to the very real problems of businesses in a no-nonsense way. With actionable information that transformed businesses, L6S Business Consulting supports the business community and the lives of hard-working entrepreneurs who are located around the world.


To be the support mechanism of entrepreneurs. No matter the size of company and the situation you are are, L6S Business Consulting is able to help with resources and information.

Our Unique Approach

We are a network of skilled problem solvers, technical experts and project leaders that dedicate themselves to professionally and creatively helping you analyze, optimize and strategize in order to achieve amazing outcomes.

Our Passion

Small Business is our passion. We are entrepreneurs just like you and we live and die by the satisfaction of our customers, the success of our community and the strength of our network.

Our Uniqueness

Our best interest is your best interest We are not here to lock you into long-term contracts. We want to be efficient, cost-effective and results-oriented, just like your business.

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Looking For Professional Help To Grow Your Business?



Small businesses today are strapped for time, resources and budget. There is often no cost effective way to get expert advice from a trusted, consulting professional without paying a fortune. Until now.

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