Do you find yourself asking friends or family business questions? Do you feel unsupported? Are you using Google to solve your business problems? If you are working long hours trying to figure out how to do something, have you thought about using the experience of another person? If so, you need outside help like a business coach or consultant.

L6S Business Consulting currently has clients across Canada. If you have an online meeting platform, L6S Business Consulting can interact with and help you. L6S Business Consulting is able to help English-speaking clients. The Founder also has verbal knowledge of the French language.

The biggest difference between coaching and consulting is who holds the power. In consulting the consultant holds the power in the relationship, while in coaching the client holds the power. A consultant holds the answers, while a coach helps their client find their own answers.

At L6S Business Consulting, we want to see our clients learn and develop. We prefer to coach our clients through the situations that they encounter.

This is dependent on your goals and your timeline. Clients do meet with L6S Business Consulting on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Most commonly, clients meet with L6S Business Consulting on a bi-weekly basis.

L6S Business Consulting is open to interacting with clients at all times. For some clients, L6S Business Consulting sends check-in emails with clients to ensure things are okay or for a brief project update.

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Small businesses today are strapped for time, resources and budget. There is often no cost effective way to get expert advice from a trusted, consulting professional without paying a fortune. Until now.

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