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Systems Development:

Do you find your staff is working a lot of overtime? Are project deadlines constantly being moved? Is your business growing?  Do you find that department, system, or person is becoming a bottleneck? Are you finding your overtime is increasing? Are you worried about product quality, employee safety, or inventory levels? People want to do a good job. Have you given them the ability to do so? Lean and Lean Six Sigma tools can find inefficiencies in your business and increase your employee engagement. With Lean Six Sigma, you will find opportunities that are not seen.

When properly applied, Lean Six Sigma fosters a culture where everyone is involved in developing solutions that will improve customer service, increase product quality, decrease employee turnover, and foster new opportunities within the organization. An open and collaborative environment is developed where employees and the management team are able to share challenges, ideas, and improvements with each other. L6S Business Consulting follows the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology to ensure that positive tracking is always apparent.

Systems Development helps employees understand how to do things right the first time.

Growth is sustainable through system development.

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What Our Clients Think

"Kevin is a great business coach to work with. I am a first year entrepreneur. Kevin taught me how to manage my calendar, internal and external relationship management, how to strategic combine my services with other marketing freelancers' business to achieve a better result, how to utilize a CEO time to continuously improve company performance and efficiency, and also introduced me so many valuable connections. If you are a entrepreneur, talk to Kevin. He will always give you great recommendations that improve your company's performance."
Nicole “Nicole” Wang
My goal was to grow my business from “just me” into hiring contractors and having multiple locations. Kevin helped me at a time when I had way too many ideas and no clear path from Point A to Point B. From our first consultation to the completion of our list of tasks, I was thoroughly impressed with Kevin’s knowledge of the various aspects of my business. We started by outlining my vision and core values, and by the end of our work together, I had a contract and I was ready to hire. The list of questions that Kevin answered for me was HUGE, and I am thankful that he took the time to explain the ‘why’ behind the steps we were taking. I would highly recommend Kevin MacDonald of L6S Business Consulting to any entrepreneur faced with a daunting to-do list, or who is looking for some clarity and prioritization. Thanks, Kevin!
I would like to take this time to recommend Kevin from L6S Business Consulting. I’ve recently been through Kevin’s 10 hour introductory coaching service: and I can say that I have been improved as a business owner because of it. He has offered much good advice, answering questions, while providing me with a sounding board to bounce ideas off. His meetings have also served me as an external deadline to finish some of the items we talked about at our previous meetings. He did so without the shame or guilt some people conceal as “encouragement”. He figured out I needed someone to discuss ideas with rather than prescribe step-by-step solutions, and that’s what he provided. I am pleased to say that I’ve finally finished my business plan, as well as developed some great ideas to work on, which I hope to finish soon.

Looking For Professional Help To Grow Your Business?



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